Christophe Harbour Installs Osprey Platforms On-Site

Five osprey poles have been installed at Christophe Harbour to encourage and promote safe habitats for ospreys nesting on-site.

The osprey, sometimes known as the sea hawk, is a migratory bird of prey that passes through the Caribbean September through April and feeds primarily on fish. The osprey population is thriving on the Southeastern part of St. Kitts, often seen flying high, perched atop trees, or on the ground.

As Christophe Harbour continues to progress, the man-made osprey poles allow the breeding birds to safely remain in their natural habitat. Each installation includes a 25’ wooden pole and a 3’x3’ square wood and metal platform that sits securely atop the pole.

Advising Christophe Harbour’s placement of the poles within the development are two avid Kittitian birders Michael Ryan and Percival Hanley. Ryan and Hanley advised that the poles be placed within 1 mile of water, at least 300 yards apart and in less windy areas. Ryan and Hanley, with Christophe Harbour staff, mapped out the five locations. The locales were strategically planned to ensure the poles would stay installed for many years.

Christophe Harbour worked with St. Kitts Electricity Co. Ltd. (SKELEC) to source the poles and install them on-site. Since installation, Christophe Harbour staff and guests have reported the osprey using the perches regularly, casting a watchful eye across the rapidly developing community. “This gives new meaning to the old adage “Bird’s Eye View,” said Christophe Harbour CEO Bill Lee. “It’s always been our philosophy to design with nature, so we’re excited to see this effort has been successful. We have several other habitat preservation initiatives underway.”

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