Churches Keep Country’s Spiritual Health Alive And Well, Says PM Harris


BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, July 20, 2020 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — St. Kitts and Nevis prides itself as a Nation Under, a fact that was declared publicly way back in 1983 in the Constitution, and Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris is complimenting the church for the role it plays in keeping the spiritual health of the country alive and well.

Prime Minister Harris who is the National Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) and Area Parliamentary Representative for St. Christopher Seven made the remarks on Sunday July 19 at the House of Deliverance New Testament Church of God on Main Street in Tabernacle Village where he had joined the Leadership and membership of the church for worship.

“I want to on behalf of all of us, those who are visiting today, to say a very special thank you to Pastor Octavia Charles-Warner for allowing us the opportunity each time we desire to come and to worship,” said Dr Harris. “Certainly each time we come, we leave better for having come and we want to thank the church for keeping the spiritual health of the country alive and well.”

The Honourable Prime Minister was accompanied by Deputy Speaker Senator the Hon Dr Bernicia Nisbett, Peoples Labour Party Women Arm Representative Mrs Sonia Henry and members of Constituency Number Seven Group. Also present were officials of PLP Constituency Number Five Branch Executive, Mr Glenville Mills (Chairman), Ms Marsha Lewis (Vice Chairperson), and Ms Janice Lewis (Women Representative).

“I want to thank the church for playing this powerful role, reminding us when you would have forgotten that God is still a good God, and God is still the powerful God and our God is enough,” observed Dr Harris.

He told the congregation: “It is not the house that is enough – it is our God that is enough. It is not the perfect job that is enough – it is our God that is enough, because the job brings its challenges and its troubles and its worries and its covetousness, and so you know you can’t make it about the job, even though you are thankful that you have a job.”

Prime Minister Harris hailed the talent of two singers, Ms Availyn Lybert and Ms Shinelle Willett, who performed in church. He called them back on the stage where he praised them for their selections and requested an encore from each of them for the congregation to hear their wonderful singing again.

“This morning I was pleasantly surprised to hear two of our constituents come and do two wonderful selections,” he said of Ms Shinelle Willett, and Ms Availyn Lybert. “All of them did some very lovely selections, and Shinelle reminds us in her song that God is so love and that He is giving us so much love – would you believe it? We want to thank her for reminding us that we have a reason to be thankful.”

Ms Availyn Lybert who is from Christchurch was described by Prime Minister Harris as having “a real sweet voice and we want to encourage her to music, I think she is one of our teachers.”

The encouragement by the Prime Minister fits in well with the wider Team Unity Administration’s commitment to harness the massive untapped talent the country’s young people possess. This was actualised with the creation of the new Ministry of Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Talent Development, which is headed by the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett.

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