CIBC-FCIB To Host Fourth Annual “Walk For The Cure”

(ZIZ News) — As Cancer Awareness Month draws near, the CIBC First Caribbean International Bank is putting the final touches on its plans to host the Fourth Annual CIBC First Caribbean Walk For The Cure, which is an exercise geared at raising funds to assist Cancer patients in St. Kitts and Nevis.

On Monday, the Bank’s Loan Specialist, Kai Williams stopped by our studio to promote the event.

“Our parent company CIBC, they actually have ‘Run for the Cure’ and this event is going to be timed along with theirs on the 4th of October across the 17 territories. Everyone is going to have a ‘Walk for the Cure’,” she said.

Williams also revealed the route for Sunday’s Walk for the Cure.

“We have registration open from 5:15 to about 5:30 and warm up from 5:30 to 5:45 then we’re going to leave and start the walk which is gonna go from our parking lot on the Bay Front, onto the Bird Rock Road then on to Frigate Bay in front of Buddies,” she said

The organisers want a diverse group of participants as, according to Williams, they are not raising funds only to assist Breast Cancer patients, but all Cancer patients in general.

“It’s not just Breast Cancer. It’s all types of Cancers so anybody can walk because this year, we’re assisting the Rotary Club of St. Kitts and their club supports persons with Prostate Cancer along with the two other Cancer groups that we have: Reach For Recovery and the St. Kitts-Nevis Breast Cancer Assistance Fund,” she said.

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