CIC’s 2nd Quarterly Luncheon

The relatively high level of crime in the federation, its socio-economic costs, its root causes, and potential medium to long-term solutions will be the focus of discussion when the Chamber of Industry and Commerce convenes its 2nd quarterly luncheon meeting on Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

The luncheon will be addressed by Chief Medical Officer and pediatrician, Dr Patrick Martin.

The Chamber’s Executive Director, Ms Wendy Phipps said that the selection of crime as the luncheon’s topic was not accidental. Rather, it was deliberately chosen in an effort to (a) keep crime as a front burner issue for the federation – as it is our most serious national problem; and (b) combine further, private sectors’ views on the impact of crime while continuing to explore workable, results-oriented solutions in an effort to save our country.

“It is quite apparent that crime is a multi-faceted issue whose root causes, in many instances, can be traced to child development, lapses in parenting, compromise with discipline, and the failure to consistently reinforce strong messages and examples insofar as wrong-doing, crime and punishment are concerned”, Ms Phipps stated.

“However, be that as it may, what may have started out as minor disciplinary problems at the domestic level, have now mushroomed into national problems which our security forces and our country’s leadership base are yet to master,” Phipps added.

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