Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College Students Leave for Taiwan

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 2nd August, 2023 (ZIZ Newsroom)–Three students of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College left the federation on Wednesday to complete an Electric Vehicle Operation and Maintenance course in Taiwan.


The students Vince Archibald, Malik Knight and Darren Decosta who are part of the motor vehicle program at CFBC, completed the theoretical part of the course online and will travel to Taiwan for approximately one month to complete the practical portion of the course.


President of CFBC Andrew Abraham said he is pleased that the students are being given this opportunity which has been made possible through the Embassy of the Republic of China Taiwan and The Ministry of Education.


“We are very appreciative for this initiative whereby our students in the automotive program are given the opportunity to travel to Taiwan for this practical part of the course in Electric Vehicle Operation And Maintenance,” he said.


“One of the things that CFBC is looking at as it relates to one of our pillars is to look at programs that are fit for purpose. That is to explore the avenue of renewable energy and as it relates to electrical vehicles, we know that is one of the clean sources of energy that we can have here in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. So it’s really pleasing to know that CFBC, with this partnership, would begin the process of building the capacity that is needed for St. Kitts and Nevis and at CFBC to have programs in areas of green energy that will be able to provide training to our local community.”


Acting Dean of the TVEMs Division at the CFBC Terry Hanley outlined the expectations of the students upon their return.


“They’ll be certified. The whole idea is capacity building. We have had the discussion about ways in reducing our footprint. This is one aspect of it. So we hope that upon return Mr. Vince Archibald, who is a technician at the college, these students who are second years, will be able to transfer what they have learned out in the industry and as well Mr. Vince share with the students back at the college. So we continue the process of reducing in our portfolio.”


President Abraham said through partnerships more opportunities will be created for students in the area of green energy.


“As it relates to our students and what’s going forward, the general public could look forward to initiatives such as this that creates opportunities for persons to get training in renewable energy, electric vehicle solar panels and all of these type initiatives. Again, looking at our environment and green energy, so to speak. So I would say yes, going forward we’ll be looking at partnerships that would create opportunities like this for other persons to take advantage of as well. So we’re hoping again with the Taiwanese Mission that we can actually have another cohort of students who would take advantage of such opportunities.”


President Abraham said the CFBC continues in its pursuit of finding innovative ways to develop the workforce of St. Kitts and Nevis while becoming energy efficient and offering programs that are fit for purpose to the community.


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