Clearing Storm Drains in East Basseterre

(ZIZ News) – As the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season heats up, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure is ensuring storm drains in the East Basseterre community are cleared of debris that can cause flooding.

There was repair work on the drains in the Ponds area in August of 2014 but officials of Surrey Paving and Aggregate were back in St. Kitts over the weekend to carry out maintenance work.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, the Hon. Ian Liburd said one storm drain in particular that runs through the compound of Sol St. Kitts and Nevis had a backlog of debris and sludge that prevented the smooth flow of water.

“We sought permission from Sol as we had agreed in terms of our construction maintenance of the drains and especially times like now when you have a flood drain and there’s weather nearby. We are very concerned and we wanted to get it cleaned by latest today (Saturday 29th) and we have started,” he said.

As areas in East Basseterre have experienced flooding during times of heavy rains in the past, Minister Liburd said his ministry takes the issue of keeping storm drains clean very seriously.

“Especially in the East Basseterre Constituency, if you look around, the drains are in terrible state with grass growing in the drains and silt has built up in the drains. We’re going to look at Pond Road next, we’re going to look at the drain to the east of the one there at Sol and keep them clean around the clock because we shouldn’t wait until a storm comes to clean a drain. Drains should be perpetually cleaned,” he said.

As stipulated in its contract, Surrey Paving and Aggregate is responsible for maintaining the drains it constructed for a one year period.

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