CMO on water recall

(ZIZ News) — In a statement to the media, Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr Cameron Wilkinson confirmed that recent tests done by the Bureau of Standards show that the Island Purified Water brand of water has failed tests for coliform bacteria.

“Water is tested on a regular basis for coliform bacteria, which we actually use as a quality indicator in the quality of food and water. And the testing that was done over the last several days showed that the level of coliform bacteria was above the normal level, and this is why we said the water failed the test,” he said.

He also dismissed claims on social media that the bacteria indicated that there was human faeces in the water.

“I can categorically say that that is not correct. And we must understand the coliform bacteria can be found in any aquatic environment. It is found naturally in the soil. It is found on vegetation. And so the water that was tested failed the coliform test. But this is in no way indicating that the coliform came from human faeces,” he said.

He said since the test results the company has been closed and corrective measures are being taken to ensure the safety of the water produced.

ZIZ news contacted the management and legal representatives of Island Purified Water. Both declined to comment.

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