CMO warns against Over-Prescribing Antibiotics

PatrickMartin-4(ZIZ News) — Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patrick Martin says the poor judgment of some health professionals is contributing to the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses.

He told ZIZ that some doctors over-prescribe antibiotics which may reduce their effectiveness.

“We give antibiotics for flu and the common cold, knowing that antibiotics are absolutely useless for the flu and common cold but we prescribe to placate the patient, to keep them happy,” he said.

He encouraged patients to ask questions about the medication they are receiving.

“The doctor is supposed to explain and you also have a second line of information coming from the pharmacist. The pharmacist is supposed to answer your questions but also give you information before you ask,” he said.

Dr. Martin was addressing concerns about the new antibiotic-resistant Superbug that has been making headlines in U.S. media.

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