Coaches attend child protection course

(ZIZ)– Cricket coaches and officers are being trained in child protection as part of the West Indies Cricket Board’s (WICB) revamped Coaching Education Programme.

Auckland Hector
Auckland Hector

During the programme’s opening ceremony on Friday morning, Leeward Islands’ Cricket Association President, Auckland Hector spoke of the programme’s importance; not just for the children, but for the coaches as well.

“In this modern era our children are faced with enormous pressures, influences and susceptibility to abuse, in their many forms. This programme helps us to train and educate our coaches in how to handle these incidences,” he said.

Director in the Department Of Child Probation And Protection Services, Debra Matthew said the coaches will be considered as first responders.

“When you work with these children on a regular basis, you may be the person that the child chooses to talk to about something that’s happening in their lives. It is important that you know how to respond to the child, how to respond to the child in danger, and how to shape information… about the information that was given to you”.

The workshop was held at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium. A second workshop takes place on May 09 at the Red Cross Building in Nevis.

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