Collaboration Between Canadian Teachers Federation And SKTU

(ZIZ News) — Collaboration between the Canadian Teachers Federation and the St. Kitts Teachers Union is fostering good educating habits for local teachers through a professional development workshop.

This is the second year, the two associations have worked together and it is expected that all levels of education will benefit.

Team leader of Project Overseas for the Canadian Teachers Federation, Deirdre Mckie gave details of what the workshop will offer.

“There are four courses that we are offering. In terms of the teachers I’ll be leading the workshop on Behaviour and Classroom Management,” she said.

“We’re really focusing on the idea of differentiated learning and inclusive teaching practices so we’ll be talking about ideas related to practices around helping students who have learning challenges and learning disabilities. We’ll be focusing on courses that develop the idea of an individualised education plan. Ideas that will help your teachers look at the individual needs of the students and develop strategies that will help support the needs of those students,” she added.

According to Professional Development Coordinator, Laverne Dublin-Collins, the St. Kitts Teacher’s Union is working to ensure that teachers throughout the Federation are competent to impart knowledge to children under their care.

“They are very important for the local teachers. The St. Kitts Teachers Union wants to remain relevant. We want to ensure that our teachers are ready and engaged for the world of education. We want to ensure that they are equipped to develop in the different competencies and we also want to ensure that they have the knowledge and the skills that they would need,” she said.

Dublin-Collins says the goal of the training is to ensure a more rewarding education system.

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