Commissioner Queeley says bottle usage during Carnival Season highly prohibited

(ZIZ News) — As the Sugar Mas 45 activities continue, Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley says he wants to remind vendors that as part of the fight against crime and violence the use of bottles is strictly prohibited during Carnival events.

Commissioner Queeley made the comments during a recent interview with ZIZ.

“We want to of course make the appeal to the public to take the violence out of the Carnival. Let us have a crime free Carnival. We have met with the Carnival committee and we have given them our output about the use of bottles as missiles. So we expect that all the persons who are selling drinks during the Carnival season would ensure that their drinks are sold from plastic cups as opposed to bottles”, he said.

The Police Commissioner explained that persons who don’t follow the rules and regulations will face consequences.

“What we have said to the Carnival committee is that the person (s) in charge of street activities in particular, will time to time have the assistance of the police in checking and making certain that these persons are complying and if they don’t their permits could be and will very likely be revoked”, Queeley explained.

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