Community outreach is critical to the ongoing relationship between NEMA and residents

Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 17, 2019 (NEMA): Led by NEMA District Volunteers, NDC Abdias Samuel, DNDC Claricia Langley-Stevens and staff of NEMA embarked on their annual programme of community service, October 8th, 2019.The programme is included on the calendar of events during the agency’s observance of International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

This year our targets included the elderly and persons living with disabilities,” according to Districts Coordinator, Bereece Williams, “as nominated by our Volunteer in representation of the Districts where they serve.”

The NEMA team assisting in the programme included Ms. Williams and her assistant in the DC Unit, Shanice Allen; Planning Officer, Mrs. Oureika Lennon-Petty; Ms. Jacynth Francis, Senior Clerk; Lejon James, IT, Technician; Personal Assistant to the NDC, Mrs. Anthea Earle-Hendrickson and Vesta Southwell, PRO.

Combined presentations were made to the differently-abled persons, who were nominated by the NEMA District Manager for #8, Mrs. Mary Nurse-Clarke, at the McKnight Community Centre in Basseterre.

Over the years, the Community Outreach Programme has been well received by recipients and community leaders and Volunteers, alike. The event was identified as the most impacting of the week by NEMA’s Senior Clerk and the Personal Assistant to the NDC.

The joy expressed by the elderly and persons with disabilities,” was noted as meaningful to Ms. Francis, who encourages the agency to sustain and even grow the programme to assist more persons in the future.

Ninety-eight year old Ms. Gonsalves who was nominated by the District Volunteers for #1, made a life changing impact on Mrs. Earle-Hendrickson, who used her hair dressing skills to ready her for her photo with the NEMA officials.

When she (Ms. Gonsalves) began to speak to us sharing historical remembrances and even that she would be turning 99 on October 20th, 2019”, she said, “I was moved beyond tears.”

Observance of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction by NEMA and NDMD concludes on Friday, 18th October, with a Joint Retreat hosted by NDMD, on Nevis. Accordingly, the NEMA office will be closed to the public o accommodate the participation of staff in the event.

In the event that there is an emergency, persons are invited to contact NEMA at (869) 662-6420. Any inconvenience caused, is regretted.

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