Conaree Resident Receives Electronic Wheelchair

(ZIZ News) – The recently launched Conaree Community Management Team is already making great strides in that area as it has solicited an electronically powered wheelchair for a well-known resident.

Ruben “Fighting Hunks” Percival was the recipient of the brand new wheelchair, which was financed by the Range Development Company, contractor for the Hyatt Hotel at the South East Peninsula.

Representative for Constituency #8 Hon. Eugene Hamilton, in handing over the wheelchair, thanked Percival for his contribution, not only to the community of Conaree, but to the Federation.

He said, “I shake your hand and congratulate you for all you have done for the Nation and to wish you well as you continue your life here in Conaree; being an advocate for truth, being an advocate for right and not wrong, being a champion for the people in this community who you want to see grow.”

He continued, “You always champion your community and I feel very good about that. This wheelchair, I hope, will help you to get around and talk to people more often than you probably normally would in the one that you have now. So now it is my pleasure to deliver to you this wheelchair.”

In response, Percival said he is thankful for the opportunity to move around more.

“I would like to say thanks for the suggestion with the wheelchair. Not just thanks; there are so much words to say because I think this wheelchair will take me a long, long way. I will be able to move around more in the village because the only thing happen to me is that I’m just not walking yet because I still believe I will walk. So I want to say thanks to everybody who made this possible,” he stated.

The Conaree Community Management Team is chaired by Keithley Phillip and was recently inducted under the auspices of the Department of Community Affairs.

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