Constituency Number Seven Domino League Elects New Executive To Run The League

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, June 3, 2021 (MMS-SKN) — Federation’s longest running domino league, Constituency Number Seven Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League, on Tuesday June 1 elected a new Executive that will serve for a two-year period.

President Mr. Calvin Farrell, who is also the league’s coordinator, was returned unopposed at the elections held at the old Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project that were supervised by Mr. Zeyn Pencheon.

Taking part in the elections were captains, or their representatives, of the various clubs in the league. Last year, which was the league’s 25th anniversary, had a total of fourteen teams taking part in the competition.

Constituency Number Seven Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League, is sponsored by Prime Minister and Area Parliamentary Representative for St. Christopher Seven, Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris.

Also returned unopposed were Vice President Mr. Simeon Liburd, and Secretary Mrs. Octavia Huggins-Sewell. The post of Treasurer saw holder Mr. Keithly Blanchette initially opposed but the proposed opponent stood down and allowed for the incumbent to retain his position.

Three new faces in the new executive came in as a result of the holders of office not turning up for the elections. These were Mr. Allington Berridge who was elected unopposed as the Public Relations Officer, as were two Floor Members, Mr. Steven Gilbert and Dr. Marc Williams.

“It is very important to have a committee to actually run the league which is now going for 26 years,” said President Mr. Calvin Farrell. “Everybody is eager for the competition to start but at the same time we have to be mindful that we are still in a pandemic. So we are hoping that most of the people of this country can be vaccinated and that the country can get back to a sense of normalcy and everybody will be covered and have a good competition going for 2021.”

Teams taking part in the league last year were, Tabernacle Domino Club, Unity Domino Club, Lodge Domino Club, Phillips Domino Club, Small Corner Bar Domino Club, Parsons Domino Club, Molineux Domino Club, Christ Church Domino Club, Saddlers Domino Club, Mansion Domino Club, Sylvers Domino Club, Unstoppable Domino Club, Guinness Domino Club, and Giants Domino Club.

“The newly elected executive we will be having our next meeting, our first meeting after elections, on Tuesday June 8, at 7:00 p.m. at the old Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project,” announced Mr Farrell. “The executive body will be meeting to discuss plans of going forward for the upcoming league.”

Vice President Mr. Simeon Liburd, who is the Sergeant in charge of the Tabernacle Police Station, also reminded the captains of the importance of having all players being vaccinated against the Covid-19. He explained that with the current community spread, it would be a wise decision for players to be vaccinated as domino is a game where four people sit facing each other across a small table for lengthy periods.

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