Constituency Seven Residents Updated on Several Projects and Programmes

(ZIZ News) — Sunday’s town hall meeting in Constituency Seven did not only give residents the opportunity to hear from their Parliamentary Representative, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris. It also provided lots of information.

During his presentation, General Manager of the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis Lenworth Harris encouraged residents to take advantage of the recently launched Fresh Start Project.

“Whatever business idea that you have, the door is now open and people are rushing through the door and we in Number Seven and throughout the country…need to make the most of this opportunity,” he said, adding that the process is simple as it begins with an appointment at his bank.

“The demand is great. Let me say that. The demand is very great. Right now, we are trying to speed things up because we have appointments stretching as far back as November so it means then that if you have an idea, you want something, make your appointment then put your documentation together,” Harris explained.

An update was also given on the primary school scholarship programme titled “Help A Child Programme” as Constituency 7 resident Mertilla Williams said the programme had been around for 12 years to assist children who have academic potential but face financial constraints.

“Now each student, they get $500. 12 years, through thick, thin, whether things good, bad, hard, easy, Dr. Harris has ensured that this programme stay alive and active in number seven. That, in itself, shows commitment. It shows care. It shows dedication,” Williams said.

Scholarship recipients are selected from Tabernacle’s Edgar T. Morris Primary School, the Violet Petty Primary in Lodge, Estridge Primary in Mansion and the Joshua Obadiah Williams Primary School in Molineaux.

Williams said, to date, a minimum of 330 students have benefited to the tune of $165 thousand.

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