Contact Tracing Underway

(ZIZ News) — As the Federation records 8 confirmed cases of COVID-19 the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hazel Laws says contact tracing to determine the possible spread of the virus is underway.

In an interview on Monday, Dr. Laws said the ministry is doing everything it can to track persons who may have come into contact with the patients.

“The Public Health Team is taking an aggressive approach with respect to contact tracing. And so we have developed lists of the contacts of the affected individuals and we have started our contact tracing. These individuals have been identified or are in the process of being identified and sampled, for their samples to be sent off for testing,” she said.

Medical Chief of Staff at JNF General Hospital, Dr Cameron Wilkinson, said to speed up the testing process they will now do most of the tests at the local lab.

He said by using the local lab they should get the results by the end of the day and would be able to inform the public sooner.

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