Contraband found in prison search

Her Majesty’s Prison

BASSETERRE, ST.KITTS, AUG 26 2011 – A search at Her Majesty’s Prison yesterday has turned up several forbidden items.

According to Superintendent of Prisons, Franklyn Dorset, prison officers, police officers, and Defense Force soldiers conducted one of their routine prison searches and discovered some contraband.

Mr Dorset said they found two cell phone batteries, 6 prison-made weapons (or shanks), and a few grams of what appeard to be marijuana and tobacco.

He said regarding reports of a laptop being found, it was not smuggled in.

He says the laptop belongs to the prison and was being kept by an inmate, with permission, while its normal storage space was being renovated.

He says it cannot play games or connect to the internet and it’s merely used on the weekend to play music during mealtimes.

Mr Dorset says no blackberry cell phones were found during the search.

According to the Superintendent, total prison searches are routinely conducted and contraband is sometimes found.

He just wanted to correct any false information that was being spread to the public.

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