Contributors to Social Security to Receive CBI Dividend

BASSETERRE ST. KITTS, DECEMBER 9, 2022 (SSB) —Prime Minister and  Minister of Social Security, Hon Dr Terrance Drew has announced an inaugural payment of a CBI Dividend to contributors* to the Social  Security Fund to include Pensioners and Pensionable citizens and residents of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.  

The Social Security Board will facilitate the payment with the first batch of payments being made by Thursday, December 15th,  2022.  

This first group covers:  

 both Social Security and Government Pensioners   Private and Public Corporations with whom Social Security has  verified banking information  

This grouping will not have to apply for the dividend as their information has been provided by their respective employers or verified by Social Security.  

Subsequent batches will be paid accordingly. 

Applicants may now apply for the dividend online at Note well that the form submission must include a valid social security card and proof of accurate banking details. In-person registration may be completed at the Social  Security offices in Basseterre and Pinney’s Estate.  

Persons are encouraged to have a valid passport or birth certificate where a social security card is unavailable.  

For more information contact the Social Security Board at 869 465  2535 or 869 469 5245 or ask questions via Whatsapp at 869 662  8479 or 869 667 2535. 

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