Controversy raises its ugly head in local league

There is some degree of controversy brewing in the local Football league, as the Brantley Bronx United team is not reacting nicely to the points being withdrawn after their win versus the Villa Int team.

The Nevis Football Association ruled that Shaeed Tyson who had been handed a red card in his previous game, was not eligible to play in the game versus the Villa team.

However, Leroy JUN-JUN Sweeney of the Brown Hill team is contending that the Association has made a critical blunder and indicated that Shaeed Tyson’s name had not appeared on the list with the players who had been issued red cards.

He is also accusing the Association of relaxing the rules when it comes to certain teams and not for others.

He also indicated that the Bronx team will be challenging the ruling.

President of the Nevis Football Association, George BRIGO Meade for his part, noted that his Association is standing by its ruling.

‘They cannot deny that the player in question got a red card in the previous game,’ he said.

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