COP Walwyn and Premier Amory differ on fire investigation

(ZIZ)– Commissioner of Police, Celvin Walwyn, on Monday, revealed that he never supported the Nevis Island Administration’s decision to facilitate a second investigation into the Treasury Building fire because the first investigative team had not yet submitted its report.

However, also on Monday, Commissioner Walwyn revealed that while he does not normally comment on matters that are under investigation, it was important for him to set the record straight as he believes that the NIA is shopping for an arson outcome to the fire.

“I would like to know how could someone throw objects into the building when the building was secure,” he said.   “And one thing you have to mention is the building had faulty wiring and the week before that, they had a report of fire on one of the lines outside and based on what is written, I would like to know how the persons got the items inside the building and I would like to know what are these items that they found and if this place was burnt to where it bent steel, where is the residue from these accelerants?”

Meantime, Nevis’ Premier the Honourable Vance Amory, during a nationwide address on Thursday, said his administration was left to facilitate a second fire investigation on its own because it received no assistance from the Federal Government to fund an in-depth investigation.

According to Amory, the 13-page report was submitted to his administration on March 20th 2014. He then explained the need to reveal the findings of the second fire investigator, several weeks after it was received.

“After much debate within the Cabinet and your administration, the decision was taken that it was a matter of national importance that the full forensic fire investigation report be published and made available to all the citizens and residents of our island. I, in fact, will send a copy of the report which we got from Chief Riches to ACP Robert Liburd who is the officer in charge here in Nevis of the Police Services,” Amory said.

The Vance Amory led Nevis Island Administration has come under criticism for revealing the findings of the report to reportedly distract Nevisians from other serious matters on the island.

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