Corned Beef pulled off the local market

St. Kitts, June 11, 2010 (SKNIS) – Residents, Shopkeepers and Retailers as well as Supermarkets are advised that the 7oz tin of Grace Corned Beef and the 12oz tin of Libby’s Corned Beef should not be eaten or sold but instead thrown away.

This advice is coming directly from the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Bureau of Standards of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

In a press release dated Wednesday, June 9, the government department which has the charge of looking out for the well-being of consumers, relayed to the St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service that information from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) stated that samples of cooked beef products imported from the Brazilian producer “SIF 337” were found to contain high levels of ivermectin which is a de-worming agent in live animals. If consumed, ivermectin effects can include diarrhea, dizziness and nausea. More severe allergic reactions include rash, hives, itching and difficulty breathing.

Upon discovering that the contaminated beef was in the Federation, officials from the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Bureau of Standards, and the Ministries of Health and Agriculture met and concluded it was necessary to collect samples as a matter of urgency.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs also wrote to the local establishments of Ram’s Trading Ltd and O.D. Brisbane & Sons (Trading) Ltd, the local suppliers, to advise on the contamination and the removal of the product from their shelves and to cease distribution pending the results of the samples testing. Additionally, with immediate effect all beef products from Brazilian Firm SIF 337 are prohibited from entry into St. Kitts and Nevis. This is in accordance with Part VI, Section 28 of the National Bureau of Standards Act No.7 of 1999.

Director of Consumer Affairs Howard Richardson noted that his department would continue to take proactive steps toward consumer protection and education.

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