Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School Reading Week

(ZIZ News) — The Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School is working toward getting students more interested in reading with the hosting of its Reading Week of Activities.

So far, the children have participated in an Effective Reading Competition and a wacky day where they were given the opportunity to dress like their favourite storybook character.

Head of the Reading Department Doriel Bowry said the purpose of the week is in part to showcase the reading talent of the students.

“We are trying to showcase what the children can do. May people believe that because the children attend the school that they cannot read and they can read even though it takes a longer time for them to get the concept, when they get it they do get it. So we want to showcase their talent and to show people that they can read,” she explained.

She also outlined some of the upcoming activities for the week.

“On Thursday evening we will be having a drama and fairytale night. The children will be given the opportunity to dramatise different stories. We have stories like Mary and the Little Lamb, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. On Friday we will be taking the streets of town. We are going around marching to show the importance of reading. The children will be dressed in costumes from the different stories that they dramatise the night before and just to educate the public how important it is to read,” she informed.

The Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School’s Reading Week of Activities is being observed under the theme “Splash Into Reading”.

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