Court Convictions

Trevor Roberts

Basseterre Magistrate Court

Trevor Roberts of New Town was convicted for Larceny, and fined $500.00 which is to be paid in one (1) months or in default will serve three (3) months in prison.

Deborah Hanley of Hermitage Village, Cayon was convicted for Assault and Annoyance which were committed on 31st December, 2012 at Cayon, and given one (1) month suspended sentence for each offence which are to run concurrently. The sentence will take effect if Deborah Hanley is convicted of any offence committed within the next six (6) months.

Elston Browne of Conaree was convicted for Battery which was committed on 8/08/2012, and given a suspended sentence of seven (7) days in prison. The sentence will take effect if he commits any offence within the next twelve (12) months.

Ellea Jeffers of Lockhart Street was convicted for Abusive and Insulting Languages which were committed on 04/07/2013, and bounded over to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for six (6) months or in default will serve fourteen (14) days in prison.

Ricardo George of Herbert Street, New Town was convicted for two (2) counts of Larceny which was committed at King Pavilion, Bay Road Basseterre on 05/05/2013 and 09/05/13, and sentenced to twelve (12) months in prison for each count which will run concurrently.

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