Court Denies Condor’s Injunction application

Hon. Sam Condor
Hon. Sam Condor

Captain Val Morris
Captain Val Morris

Lindsey Grant

ZIZ News — The High Court on Wednesday threw out the application for an injunction filed by Hon. Sam Condor over the matter of the Labour Party constituency #3 Office.

For several months there has been a war of words between parliamentary representative for the area, Sam Condor, and Captain Val Morris, owner of the property where the office is located.

Condor’s legal team was seeking an injunction to prevent Morris from refusing Condor access to the building. But in Wednesday’s sessions Justice Darshan Rhamdani threw out the matter.

Mr. Condor’s lawyer, Lindsey Grant, said the case was dismissed because Condor had already opened a new office.

“Because the Honourable Sam Condor had moved and opened a new office less than 200 yards away he felt that on the balance of convenience because he had now a new office that the balance of convenience was now in favour of the respondent Mr Morris.”

Grant denied allegations that Condor had misled the court and said inconsistencies stemming from Condor’s sworn statements are irrelevant when a case is filed ex parte.

“At an ex parte level the judge does not inquire too much into evidentiary matters, and that’s a matter for the Honourable Sam Condor to say whether whatever amount of years it is and that’s a matter for the other side to put forward their version. This is not the stage where the court deals with the evidentiary nature of the matter,” said Mr. Grant.

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