COVID-19 Communications Task Force Formed

(ZIZ News) — In response to a gap identified in the communications structure in the preparedness and response to COVID-19, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has partnered with relevant stakeholders to form a COVID-19 Communications Task Force.

The task force is made up of Director General of SKNIS Lesroy Williams, Social Media and Communications Officer of the Health Promotions Unit, Nijoe Farrell, Public Relations Officer of NEMA, Vesta Southwell and Rondon Carr of the Office of the Prime Minister.

As the COVID-19 Communications Task Force works to keep the public informed of the steps taken by the government in response to the pandemic, while educating persons on ways in which they can protect themselves and their loved ones, contact information and websites have been made available.

The official websites are and

The COVID-19 Help Line is 311. NEMA Headquarters can be reached at 466-5100, 466-6892 and467-1151.

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