CPL – A Great Opportunity for Local Businesses

(ZIZ News) — Local businesses have described the upcoming Caribbean Premier League [CPL] games as a great opportunity to promote themselves to an international audience.

ZIZ News spoke with officials from two companies that are promoting their products and services throughout the matches.

Marketing Manager at S.L. Horsfords and Company Limited, Wallis Wilkin, said the CPL games open a diverse audience for his company to tap into.

He said, “The combination of nostalgic cricket fans who would always watch cricket in addition to the new cricket fans who are drawn to the excitement of the 20/20, creates a much wider audience, a much larger market. And of course, that large market creates an opportunity for us to target our goods and services and facilitating that of course is ZIZ, both radio and television.”

Leroy Benjamin, Manager of Office Machines, encouraged other businesses to take advantage of advertising opportunities within CPL.

“We believe that the CPL Games are quite a wonderful outlet for business and we would want to encourage small businesses like ours to become involved. It gives you the opportunity to showcase what you have and the people around you what they can do. And for the purpose of business, I think it’s going to be a great advantage,” he noted.

ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation is the sole holder of broadcast rights for the CPL games in St. Kitts and Nevis.

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