CPS receives medals

A very important ceremony took place at the Charlestown Primary School on Wednesday 15th May.

That is when the 10 brave athletes who represented that school in the recent cross island relay, received their medals.

The presentation was made in front of a packed hall during the morning assembly session.

One of the organizers, James Weekes, made the presentations and congratulated the athletes for a job well done and challenged them to do bigger and better things in next year’s event.

Headmaster, Mr. Kevin Barret not only congratulated the athletes for their efforts but also commended the organizers of the event, Reggie Douglas and James Weekes for the initiative. He vowed that his school would be aiming for the big trophy, next year.

As a matter of fact, he insinuated that his school may well compete with two teams, next time around.

Charlestown Primary placed second in the primary school category and fifth overall.

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