Craft Vendors Training Seminar Ends

(ZIZ News) — Vendors of the craft industry participated in yet another training workshop hosted by the Ministry of Tourism.

The workshop, according to Minister of Tourism Hon. Lindsay Grant, was essential to ensuring the products produced by vendors are of a high standard.

“We have these training modules to ensure that the systems that have been put in place by the Government are kept intact. We make sure that the training is ongoing and so that the service that you give at the end of the day is at a very high level,” he said.

Minister Grant was speaking at the seminar’s closing ceremony on Wednesday evening at the National Emergency Management Agency Headquarters.

He further outlined the importance of the tourism product, stating it is necessary that it be protected.

“Tourism is our business and without Tourism, we will be in a much different place and tourism is the economic driver in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and for that very reason, we must protect it,” he said.

At the end of the training workshop, the participating vendors received certificates of completion from Minister Grant.

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