Creative Consultations Shape The Plans For The Country’s Newest Ministry, MoENT

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, November 2nd, 2021 (MoENT)The Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Entertainment and Talent Development (MoENT) has completed its first round of public consultations with the country’s creatives as it prepares to shape the future of the creative industry.

Over 120 musicians, photographers, event promoters, DJs, dancers, and other creatives participated in the creative forum— held on 29 October 2021— where the Ministry’s initial strategy and plans were unveiled and discussed. Minister Hon. Akilah Byron-Nisbett declared these consultations as an important first step to ​​bridge the gap between Government and the creative sector.

Since its inception, the Ministry has sought to develop policy initiatives that seek to transform the creative and innovative industries through entrepreneurship and economic value creation. However, such an exercise would be futile without your input. We want to hear from you, the creatives, on how to shape the best policies to help you achieve your fullest potential,” said Minister Byron-Nisbett as she addressed the packed room at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.

MoENT’s Permanent Secretary Cheryleann Pemberton outlined the strategic objectives that the Ministry aims to pursue, including developing value-generating talent, professionalising the arts, and catalysing a cultural shift to support existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative and innovative Industries.

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, and Talent Development is now operationalized and will continue to develop its projects and programs that will be beneficial to creatives, not only in building capacity but also in providing opportunities to grow their businesses to a stronger and sustainable level,” she added.

The ​​Ministry has identified four sectors of the creative and innovative industries as priorities for business development and economic diversification, namely: film and photography, music and entertainment, performing arts, and technology and innovation. Creatives and innovators operating in the Federation will be able to access funding, technical support, training and capacity-building, and a range of opportunities designed to remove barriers that currently restrict creatives from realising greater economic value from their talents.

Creatives and innovators in attendance were also presented with an exciting calendar of events that the Ministry is planning for 2022, including workshops for songwriting, music production, script development, and book publishing, various creative competitions, and a ‘Month of the Arts’ to promote the best of the country’s creative talents.

The creative forum culminated in an engaging question and answer session in which participants stepped forward to air their concerns, ask questions and make recommendations for the new Ministry. A wide range of recommendations was made including increased support for young artists, providing a home for performing arts, supporting music management, and establishing a local music awards show.

The Ministry recognises and appreciates all the participants who attended and provided meaningful feedback. It is the intention of the Ministry to craft the best solutions for the growth and development of the creative and innovative industries through further creative consultations.

All creatives and other industry stakeholders operating in the Federation are encouraged to contact the Ministry to find out more about its plans and the opportunities available. Contact us on (869) 467-1281 or visit us at the National ICT Centre at the C.A. Paul Southwell Industrial Site.

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