CSS defeats BHS

Sports Page — As the High Schools’ Basketball tournament continued on Saturday 22nd February, CSS defeated BHS in a close and thrilling encounter at the Brown Hill hard court.

The summary of the match is as follows:

First Quarter CSS 12 to BHS 9
Second Quarter CSS 19 to BHS 15
Third Quarter BHS 19 to CSS 16
Fourth Quarter BHS 15 to CSS 14

CSS 61points

Kadel Hodge 21poi 11reb 4ass 5ste
Robert Browne 14poi 14reb 5ste
Gassano Barry 8poi 16reb 2ste 1b/s

BHS 58 points

Antonio Byrd 13poi 16reb 4ass 2ste
Kyle Trottman 25poi 1reb 4ste
Kareem Simmonds 10poi 7reb 2ass 3ste

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