Culturama 40 was a Huge Success

(ZIZ)– Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat, Antonio Liburd has described the recently concluded Nevis Culturama festival as successful.

Liburd said Culturama’s success was evident in the large turnout at the various events.

“There were some glitches yes, they must admit, or I must admit on behalf of the committee and we want to apologise to the general public for the glitches that we would have encountered,” he said. “But when we look at the overall delivery of the festival, the things that we were able to achieve, the number of persons that we were able to attract to our shores and the quality of the shows: the Ms. Culture Queen Pageant, the calypso show, the Senior Calypso Show, J’ouvert, the parade, in our opinion, Culturama 40 was a very successful event.”

Recognizing the importance of the Caribbean Premier League to the federation, Culturama officials rescheduled its prize giving ceremony to accommodate the league’s final match.

“The prize giving was scheduled for this Saturday, August 16th at the Cultural Village but because of the finals of the CPL in St. Kitts, we have decided to push the prize giving to August 23rd which is going to be next week Saturday. It’s going to be again at the Cultural Village at 8pm in the evening,” Liburd explained.

Monday’s interview with Liburd also revealed that plans were being made to host the Culturama 40 Band Clash that was originally scheduled for August 1st but had to be postponed due to inclement weather.

“We are also looking to, we have not yet finalised that, but we are also looking to do the Band Clash on that same evening that we are looking to do the prize giving as well.”

He said told ZIZ News that his department will soon begin to plan for Culturama 41.

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