Culturama Senior Pageants Contestants Selected

(ZIZ News) — 10 females and five males have been selected as senior pageant contestants for this year’s Culturama festival.

This week, Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat, Antonio Liburd told ZIZ News that the 15 senior pageant contestants will be launched on June 12th.

“The senior pageants include the Miss Culture Queen Pageant, we have five contestants; the Miss Culture Swimwear Contest, we have five contestants; and the Mr. Kool Contest, we have some five participants and the introduction of these contestants/participants to the general public takes place next week Friday afternoon, 4:30 pm, right in front of the A.L. Evelyn Building,” he explained.

The event normally attracts a huge crowd of Nevisians. Liburd used the opportunity to invite Kittitians to the launch as well.

“Next week Friday afternoon, I want to invite the whole of Nevis and those persons on St. Kitts who can come over to come and see for yourselves the five Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestants, the five Ms. Culture Swimwear Contestants, and also the five Mr. Kool participants who are going to be vying for that spot, that coveted title of either Mr. Kool, Ms. Culture Swimwear, or Ms. Culture for Culturama 2015,” he said.

Meanwhile, this week’s Bacchanal Corner, which will be held near the D.R. Plaza in Charlestown, will feature musical entertainment by DJ Woodis of Ecstasy Sound and feature promotions by major Culturama sponsors: Lime and Carib Brewery.

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