Customer Service Workshop to improve standards in the Tourism Industry

Basseterre February 22, 2010 – In its continued efforts to raise standards for customer service industry in St. Kitts, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority in collaboration with the Organization of American States will be holding a Customer Service Workshop on the 23rd to 25th February 2010 at the Bird Rock Beach Hotel.

Human Resources and Project Manager of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Novelette Morton stated that the workshop, “Is intended to equip the participants with the skills to deliver quality service and through the mix of private and public entities they will be able to share ideas on better ways of carrying out their various duties.”

Participants will learn key things such as customer contact, dealing with difficult customers and resolving customer complaints. The training will take place at the Bird Rock Beach Hotel. Mrs. Euphemia Brice-Roberts of Brice-Roberts Consulting Services will be facilitating the 3 day event.

The mission of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority is the promotion of St. Kitts as a destination in all of its regional and international markets.

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