Customs Department must collaborate with Federation’s other crime fighting security agencies

ZIZ News…April 6, 2010 – The Prime Minister the Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas says that it is important for the St Kitts and Nevis Customs Department to work in partnership with other crime fighting security agencies in the Federation to protect the citizens of the Federation.

Speaking on his weekly live ZIZ Radio programme, “Ask the Prime Minister”, Dr Douglas said:

“It is important for the Customs Department to collaborate and operate with and share information with other important crime fighting security agencies of our Government and of our country. For the Customs Department to succeed, every single member must function as part of a mutually supporting, mutually respected team. Just as for St Kitts and Nevis to thrive we also must have individuals who are increasingly alert as to the ways we can each pitch in and do our part rather than simply looking at critiquing what every individual is or is not doing.”

The Prime Minister also continued:

“We recognize that Customs Officers must be able to detect and seize illegal drugs and illegal weapons and other contrabands. They also must be able to communicate with nationals and non-nationals in this regard.”

The Prime Minister’s comments comes after a Senior Customs Officer from St Kitts and Nevis recently attended a two -week training course in the Cayman Islands organized by the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council.

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