CXC results to be released online next week

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 2, 2012: Students who have recently completed CAPE, CSEC and CCLC examinations will be able to access their results online in the upcoming weeks.

In order to access the results, students must first log on to In the first field, on the home page, the student will be required to provide their centre number. This is the first six digits of the registration or candidate number. In the second, the candidate number should be entered. The candidate number is the same as the centre number but with the additional four digits that would have been given on a time table, SBA or Internal Assessment paper. The last three fields will require the student to give their last name, date of birth and the period in which they took their exams.

After the student has logged in, the person will be prompted to enter their email address. It will also ask for a cellular or contact number. However, one is not necessary. Once the email address has been entered, the student must click “save.” The student will be logged out and brought back to the home page where they would enter the same information that was required prior to that screen. When that is done, the student will be able to access their student portal where they will see grades or results once they login.

Solomon Claxton, Examinations Officer, CXC Local Registrar in the Ministry of Education, stated that students, who have outstanding SELF Books, have not submitted an SBA or were absent for an exam where they received government assistance will not be able to access their results.

“I am therefore urging students to take books back to the school so that there are no problems when trying to access your results,” he noted. “Persons who have received assistance from SELF, for each subject you would have not submitted a SBA for or have been absent for that subject’s exam, you are required to pay fifty dollars at the school. For example, if you are absent for Social Studies and did not submit a SBA for that subject, you would have to pay $150 because it’s the same subject.”

Mr. Claxton noted that if a student has forgotten their registration or candidate number, it will be available at their school. If the person is a private candidate they should go to the Ministry of Education. A valid ID must be presented upon request. Registration numbers will not be given over the phone.

CAPE results will be available from August 7, followed by CSEC on August 10 and CCLC on August 15. Results can be accessed at 10 p.m on each day.

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