Dane Stanford wins in local contest

The sport of ARCHERY continues to increase in momentum on Nevis, as more and more persons are becoming interested in the use of the bow and arrows.

On Saturday 14th December the local Archery Association hosted an important competition which involved participants from Nevis and also from St.Kitts.

At the end of the competition, the overall winner was the President of the local Association, Mr. Dane Stanford.

The summarized results are as follows:

10 Meters

1st         Pam Barry
2nd        Lan Sin Ang
3rd        Catherine Joseph

20 Meters
1st         David Saw
2nd        Joseph Williams
3rd        Dane Sandiford

25 Meters
1st         Dane Sandiford
2nd        Stanacius Wallace
3rd        Jermaine Stapleton

1st         Dane Sandiford
2nd        Stanacius Wallace
3rd        Jermaine Stapleton

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