“Days of Ole” Exhibition

(ZIZ)– As part of Saddle Fiesta celebrations the Saddlers community has put on an exhibition that takes visitors on a trip back in time.

The “Days of Ole” exhibition was held at the Saddlers High School and featured photographs, models, and objects tied to the history of Saddlers Village.

Cultural preservationist, Winston “Zack” Nisbett, said the exhibition is important because it brings to light the historic, social and cultural affairs within the community.

“It is imperative that we preserve our cultural heritage and this is an indication of what we have in Saddlers and it’s only a way to bring people to see what it’s like,” he said.

The event was sponsored by Dr. Ron Carty, who said he jumped at the chance to put the heritage of his village on display.

“I feel great to see the work that’s being done. When I was asked to come on board I didn’t hesitate because I knew it was for my own village and the heritage itself for the village says a lot and for people to actually see where we came from, the things that we used to do and for the youths themselves to see the stuff that they have never seen in their lives and never seen them being used, that is actually a pleasure, and actually an experience for them,” he said.

Aside from showcasing photographs and vintage objects, the exhibition also paid tribute to various persons who have played a significant role in the history of Saddlers Village.

The exhibition wraps up with a final showing on Wednesday.

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