Debit Cards for the Needy

SKNFederalCabinetPressCon19Jan2014C(ZIZ)– The Ministry of Social Development plans to replace the food voucher system for needy families with a more modern solution.

Minister of Social Development, the hon. Marcella Liburd said they are planning to distribute debit cards that would allow access to funds for the persons on the programme.

Speaking at Wednesday’s Joint Cabinet Press Conference, Minister liburd said the cards have many benefits.

“It is modern. It’s also a teaching moment for families. And it makes for greater accountability. There are weekly limits on the card so that helps families with their money management,” she said.

This new move falls under the MEND programme, which stands for Moulding, Empowering, Nurturing and Directing families.

To date, some twenty-one (21) families are currently under the programme.

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