Delta Donates to Inception Fete

(ZIZ News) — Delta Petroleum has jumped on board as a gold sponsor in support of the local carnival event, Inception Fete.

On Monday afternoon, Bevis Sylvester, Regional Manager for Delta Petroleum donated ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to the Inception Fete Organizing Committee.

“Delta Petroleum is here. And you would’ve heard about our groundbreaking ceremony. We’re gonna be putting up our plant shortly and we would like to be a part of the community and support and sponsor events such as these,” Sylvester explained.
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Markysa O’loughlin, Inception Fete Committee Member thanked Delta for coming forward and for their commitment to the event.

“I’d like to thank you on behalf of the Inception Team for coming on board this year even as a gold sponsor at a time when cash sponsorship is scarce. So for that we extend our sincerest gratitude.”

The Inception Fete “Evolve” takes place on December 27th at the Fort Thomas Hotel Grounds.

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