Deon Daniel Medical Fundraiser

Deon Daniel Medical Fundraiser

We are raising necessary, life-saving funds for a friend in St. Kitts (Eastern Caribbean). Deon Daniel has been a family friend for the past ten years or so. He is a hard working family man who works in both the construction and tourist industry. Unfortunately, he suffers from degenerative kidney disease and has been saving funds for necessary surgery. He has been receiving Dialysis since April 2019, but continued to work in the interim.

Unfortunately, Covid shut down the tourist industry and the disease progressed faster than hoped for. Currently, Deon receives dialysis three times weekly, however, now Deon is faced with a critical situation where all temporary access points have stopped working and is not currently able to get his treatment in St. Kitts.

In Trinidad, Southern Medical Services Company Ltd. offers AVF Creation/ Grafting (to enable continued dialysis) at a cost of $52,000 USD. Mr. Daniel’s insurance covers 75% of that fee, which leaves a remainder of $13,000 USD plus transportation between the islands.

Technical information follows below:

Diagnosis –

1)Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease secondary to HTN

2)H/O Thrombosed AV Fistula

Plan of Care :

1)Hospitalization for Assessment and Management

2) Venogram +/- Venoplasty

3)3. AVF Creation/ Grafting

Time is running out for Deon and his family. Your assistance to help save a life is appreciated.

Thank you

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