Department of Agriculture hosts Open Day 2017

(ZIZ News) — The grounds of The Department of Agriculture came alive on Thursday with the start of the 2017 Agriculture Open Day.

During the tour of the Open Day, ZIZ noticed quite a number of government officials present at the opening.

ZIZ used the opportunity to speak with Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Eugene Hamilton who said that he was quite pleased with his tour of the Open Day and praised the Taiwanese Technical Mission for coming on board to contribute to the event.

“What I’ve seen so far is encouraging. Currently we are touring the exhibition of the Taiwanese stall focusing on tea and the use of chopsticks and that of course makes me feel like I have learnt something. The Taiwanese have been our oldest ally and they have contributed over the many years to the success of Agricultural development in St. Kitts and Nevis”, Minister Hamilton expressed.

Minister Hamilton added that the Open Day event provides many opportunities for farmers, friends, family and young ones to interact.

“I understand that today is the 24th year of the Agriculture exhibition. It is an opportunity not only for persons to come and see what the farmers can produce but it is also an opportunity for persons to get some of the vegetables and purchase what the farmers have produced at a reduced and reasonable price. It is also an opportunity for persons to meet friends and family who you may not have seen for quite some time and interact with them”, the Minister expressed.

Permanent Secretary in The Ministry of Agriculture, Allistair Edwards said he was also impressed with the local vendors and supporters.

“What I have seen so far, I am impressed with. The Taiwanese have come on-board in a big way and I have seen a lot of farmers showing their products. I am particularly pleased with the Agro- processors who I have seen so far”, he said.

ZIZ also spoke with Minister of State, Hon. Wendy Phipps who listed a number of objectives that can be achieved from the exhibition.

“Generally I think the annual Agricultural Exhibition is an opportunity to achieve several objectives. For instance, to showcase what is possible in terms of Agriculture production. Another area is in the effort to basically stimulate our own food security index so that we can grow more of what we need and more of what we consume”, Minister Phipps stated.

For two days the Open Day attracts visitors of all ages and offers a variety of stalls, from food vendors, to displays of agriculture machinery and livestock.

The theme for this year’s Open Day is “Boosting Efficiency In The Face Of a Changing Environment”.

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