Department of Constituency Empowerment to be “Re-engineered and Re-purposed”

(ZIZ News) — The Department of Constituency Empowerment is coming back in 2016 but, with new leadership and a new focus, according to the country’s Prime Minister and Minister responsible Constituency Empowerment, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris.

While delivering his New Year’s Address, he said that department, which will be known as the Department of People’s Empowerment, will be “re-engineered and re-purposed within the Office of the Prime Minister and its services will be revised.

“Part of this restructuring demands the incorporation of the affairs of our Diaspora community under the department,” he said, adding that it will be headed by Mr. Duncan Wattley; “a lecturer at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, cultural artiste, community activist and radio personality.”

Dr. Harris said his administration would be seeking to correct some of the past challenges.

“The department will be designed to inter alia facilitate leadership from the community level; trigger and guide renewal of our rural and urban community; accommodate public and grassroots development education and awareness on all national development matters where the people’s voices must be heard and advanced; facilitate engagement across ministerial portfolios on matters germane to the development, health, wealth and safety of all community residents; create a forum and focal point for returning nationals who have to contribute to the development of their homeland,” he explained.

The Department of Constituency Empowerment was the topic of much discussion in 2015 when its office at La Guerite closed and permanent employees reassigned.

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