Deputy GG Her Honour Hyleta Liburd H.M says women need to work together to increase their impact

(ZIZ News)-Deputy Governor General on Nevis, Her Honour Hyleta M Liburd is advising women of the Federation to work together and support each other to strengthen their impact.

She was at the time delivering remarks at the International Women’s Day Awards Ceremony at Government House on Friday, March 8 2019.


The Deputy Governor General expressed that team work between both men and women can also help to influence change and growth.

She said crime and violence, hurting others, vandalism, disrespect, negative attitudes and habits are all issues of concern in the federation that men and women can help to reverse.

She then expressed that women should not be alone in the fight for change and used the opportunity to challenge all in attendance to join together to reach out to those persons in society who are involved in acts negatively affecting the country.

Her Honour Hyleta Liburd is the second woman to hold the position of Deputy Governor General on Nevis.

The Deputy Governor General was sworn in by Resident High Court Judge in St. Kitts Hon. Justin Trevor Ward QC at the High Court in Charlestown on August 31, 2018.

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