Diabetes Association screening at Bronte Welsh

(ZIZ News) — The St. Kitts Diabetes Association’s screening project in schools continued on Thursday with a screening done at the Bronte Welsh Primary School.

Public Relations Officer of the Association, Dr. Reginald O’Loughlin said the screening proved to be effective as they were able to identify some students who may be at risk for diabetes.

“Today we completed screening at the Bronte Welsh Primary school and in as much as we did not pick up any children today with high blood sugar, we picked up a number who are at high risk by virtue of the significant weight abnormalities and when we interviewed them and found out what their diets look like, we recognize that they are on a path to possible problems,” he said.

He spoke of the next step that would be taken with regards to students who were found to be of high risk.

“I spoke personally with the headmaster and I told him it would be necessary to involve the counsellors and the parents to make the parents at least either attend clinics, or attend their doctors or attend some source of information where they can be advised as to things that they can do; how they can make changes in the level of activity or level of inactivity that we have been noting amongst the children,” he added.

The St. Kitts Diabetes Association’s project involving screening amongst the younger members of the population began approximately two years ago.

The data collected during the screenings include weight, height, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

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