Diabetes Awareness Forum Planned for Late March

ReginaldOLoughlin-1(ZIZ News) – The St. Kitts Diabetes Association is taking its message of diabetes awareness to the people through a public forum later this month.

The association’s Public Relations Officer, Dr. Reginald O’loughlin said their goal is to educate as many persons as possible. The upcoming forum will focus on the effect diabetes has on the feet.

“We know that many diabetics end up with amputations and in lots of cases, if they were armed with the necessary information and advice they may very well be able to prevent that end stage complication,” Dr. O’loughlin stated.

He said there are many factors which often lead to diabetes related complications.

Among them are poor eating habits and the fact that there is no pain associated with the early stages of diabetes.

“There’s no constant reminder to take your medication, to eat right.and we are a society.we love to eat and we love what we call ‘nice things’. We love all the cakes and soft drinks and malts and so on and it is generally accepted that when you have a function that the menu consists of the things which unfortunately are not good for diabetics.”

The forum takes place on Sunday March 22nd at 3pm at the Old Girls’ School on Victoria Road.

Dr. O’loughlin said he hopes this will encourage persons to find out more about diabetes and avoid related complications.

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