Digicel expands its Cashback Promotion

ZIZ News — Over the last few months, Telecommunications Company, Digicel, has been giving back to its customers as part of its ‘Cashback’ promotion.

On Monday, the company took its promotion one step further and will now give away $10,000 to one lucky customer.

Chief Executive Officer of Digicel St. Kitts and Nevis, Johnny Ingle explained the details of this latest promotion.

According to Mr. Ingle, “Effective one o’ clock today (Monday 23rd June), anybody that pays their bill in full by midnight Monday June 30th, or anyone that tops up their prepaid phone by $25 by midnight Monday June 30th is going to have an opportunity to win $10,000. We are sharing the Cashback love…$10,000.”

Five other individuals will also win big from this promotion.

“The winner of the $10,000 will also get to nominate five other winners of $1,000 each. So we are sharing $15,000 in Cashback love effective one o’clock today guys until midnight June 30th,” he stated.

The five $1,000 winners must all be Digicel customers.

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