Basseterre, St.Kitts, March 6, 2023 (DIGICEL) — In another major stride towards delivering powerful digital experiences to its customers, Digicel will support eSIM-enabled devices, beginning March 6th, 2023. 

This move gives customers, including those intending to purchase an eSIM-only device, the reassurance that they can enjoy a full-fledged digital experience regardless of the device they choose to use. eSIM is the latest technology for mobile devices, referring to an embedded SIM built into the mobile device, thus eliminating the need for physical SIM cards and allowing for a simple QR-code activation. 

With an eSIM, customers will continue to enjoy seamless connectivity to the Digicel network and enjoy the fastest data speeds and superior LTE coverage. Interested Digicel customers can check agents at any retail store to find out if their device is eSIM-compatible and/or to activate their eSIM. 

Karlene Telesford, CEO of Digicel St.Kitts & Nevis said: “We understand that our customers want to  have access to the latest technology, which is why we take great pride in enabling them to live their best digital lives no matter what. To date, over 99% of smartphones still work with a physical SIM, even if they also have eSIM capability, but we want to give our customers the best digital experience and make connecting to our network secure, reliable and, above all, easy.” 

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