Distribution of Gifts to Special Ed and Children’s Home

(ZIZ News) – A Christmas party hosted, on Thursday, by the St. Kitts Tourism Authority in collaboration with the cruise ship, the Celebrity Summit saw some students receiving gifts from Santa Claus.

Hotel Manager on board the Celebrity Summit, Niina Hautaniemi said she was delighted to bring Christmas cheer to the children for the third time.

“I’m here with the ship’s officers, staff and Santa to deliver the holiday greetings that we have been doing with FCCA for years and personally this is my second or third time already in St. Kitts so it’s always very nice to come back here and see the smiley faces and gorgeous children,” Hautaniemi said.

In speaking on the importance of the initiatives, Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Lindsay Grant said, “As we build on the future, we must take care of our youths and so we must take special care of our children who are in need and so it is gratifying to see that the foundation is a part of this and continues to grow and partner with the St. Kitts Tourism Authority with your charitable gifts.”

The Tourism Minister further took the opportunity to thank representatives of the Florida Caribbean Cruises Association (FCCA) who were also in attendance.

“On behalf of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis and behalf of the Ministry of Tourism which I have the pleasure of leading at this time we want to extend warm greetings and say to you how privileged and thankful we are for these gifts and please extend to your principals how pleased and how blessed we are for having been in receipt of these gifts,” Minister Grant added.

Over the years, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority has partnered with the FCCA as it executes its holiday charity event in which member lines deliver presents to underprivileged children throughout the 33 Caribbean and Latin America destinations.

The event was held at the McKnight Community Centre.

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