Donation to Operation Future

(ZIZ News) — As Operation Future observes its 11th anniversary, the organization has received several key pieces of equipment to aid in its after-school and weekend programmes.

On Friday, owner of St. Kitts Marine Works Regiwell Francis donated a laptop, 2 projectors, a DVD player, DVDs and cables.

He praised Operation Future for its work in the Federation saying, “I am very happy to hand these over to you. I know he is going to put them to good use. His organization has been really outstanding in getting information out to folks and getting to the young folks. Officer Percival, I hope you can really make good use of this and I am very pleased to hand it over to you.”

President of Operation Future, Lauston Percival thanked Francis for the equipment, pledging they will be put to good use.

“I can say that these will be used in our crime-fighting efforts because that is what Operation Future is about. We are into crime-fighting but we are doing it from the proactive approach and these equipment that you are seeing here will go a very, very long way,” he said.

According to Operation Future’s website, the project was initiated by members of the Police Force to develop an interactive programme to educate children about the dangers of crime, violence and drugs.

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