Don’t Fear Prostate Screening, Doctors Warn

(ZIZ News) – Officials say men are generally tense about taking a prostate exam because of the intimate nature of the screening.

However, Urologist, Dr. Brian Cohen said although men may be nervous about doing the screening, they should think long-term.

“If it’s something that you are afraid of doing than spending two or three seconds having someone put a finger in your rectum to check your prostate is something people may be apprehensive about but it shouldn’t be a hurdle for taking care of your own health making sure you stay in good health so that we as men can take care of our families and the ones that love us,” Dr. Cohen advised.

Meanwhile, Urologist Dr. Dwayne Thwaites said, according to the W.H.O, prostate cancer is very prevalent in the Caribbean and he believes it is the #1 killer of men in the region.

“We know just from past experience that the prostate cancer is very prevalent here in St. Kitts on a whole last year when we did the previous screening we had 23 abnormalities and 14 out of those had prostate cancer,” Dr. Thwaites stated. “That is a fairly high percentage for any country in the world. So coming out to screen is important remembering screening helps in the fact that when we screen we can treat for prostate cancer and the cure rate is very good if it is picked up early.”

The doctors say once found in its early stage through screening, prostate cancer can be treated.

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